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Introducing our Vegan Organic Heavy Sweatshirt, a sustainable and ethical option for conscious consumers. Made from organic cotton, this sweatshirt is not only incredibly soft and comfortable to wear, but also vegan-friendly.

Featuring drop shoulders and a relaxed fit, this sweatshirt is perfect for staying cozy on chilly days. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the reduced CO₂ footprint of our production process, which minimizes the impact on the environment.

By choosing our Vegan Organic Heavy Sweatshirt, you’re not only making a conscious fashion choice but also supporting ethical and sustainable production practices. Join us in promoting a better world and show your commitment to compassion, fairness, and environmental responsibility.

Our signature design features the word “human” in bold, rainbow-colored letters, representing the diversity and unity of all individuals. This simple yet powerful statement reflects our commitment to promoting equality and celebrating the beauty of humanity.

Our product is made from 100% organic cotton, which is both GOTS and Fairtrade certified,
with a weight of 320 g/m² and an item weight of ≈ 0.45 kg. It originates from India, where it
was produced under sustainable and ethical production conditions.


Products may have deviations from the size chart, which can be up to approximately +/- 5%.

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